Rev Phraner's Trips Abroad

Rev. Wilson S. Phraner was a Bloomfield resident, member of the Orange Camera Club and Pastor at the Montgomery Mission Chapel in the Soho neighborhood in Belleville. These are photographs he took on trips abroad between 1908 and 1914 and made into Lantern Slides he used in his mministry. The photos have been digitized and enhanced from the original glass lantern slides donated to the Historical Society by Rev. Phraner's grandson, S. David Phraner. Where captions were available, they are included.

Palestine Mission Trip (ca. 1910)

Rev. Phraner's lantern slides from a mission trip to Palestine in the early 1900s. Sequence of photos are as they were stored by Rev. Phraner. Captions are…

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Souvenir Lantern Slides of Switzerland and Germany

These photos were not taken by Rev. Phraner - they were photographed, duplicated, hand colored and sold as souvenirs. None of them were captioned. The colors…

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Trip to Cuba in 1912

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