Palestine Mission Trip (ca. 1910)

Rev. Phraner's lantern slides from a mission trip to Palestine in the early 1900s. Sequence of photos are as they were stored by Rev. Phraner. Captions are copied from the lantern slides. Each slide also says "W. S. Phraner, Member Orange Camera Club"
Goatherd & Flock
Roman bridges Galilee
Our Dragoman (Translator/Guide) - Saleh
Saleh and George
On the sea of Galilee
Source of the Jordan
Girl's School Beirut
House of Mary & Martha
Jerusalem from Bethlehem Road
Jerusalem from Gordon's Calvary
Jerusalem from Mt, of Olives
Mount of Temptation
Jacob's Well
Rachel's tomb
Descending Mt Gerizim
A Syrian Highway
Ybalt at Stony Hollow
In the dead sea
Fiord of the Jordan
Across a vineyard of Eshcol Abraham's Oak