Bloomfield and Belleville, 1865

Farm Map of the Townships of Bloomfield and Belleville, Essex Co. NJ Surveyed Drawn & published by James Hughes, 1865
1865 map of Bloomfield and Belleville
Residence of W. H. Graves
Hillside Seminary for Young Ladies, Montclair, Revd. A. R. Wolfe
Residence of Samuel Moore
Residence of Samuel Wilde, Montclair
Alta Vista, Montclair, Residence of R. M. Hening
Residence of James R. Bartholomew, Franklin Hill, Bloomfield
“Brookside” Residence of Jonathan Bird, Belleville
Belleville N. J. Print Works. Property of Jonathan Bird
Bloomfield Classical School C. M. Davis, A. M. Principal
Residence of Robert & M. B. Smith, Belleville
Store & Residence of W. S. Baldwin, Bloomfield
“The Evergreens” Residence of Samuel H. Terry, Belleville
“Morningside” Residence of Andrew Little, Belleville
Residence of Capt. J. W. Hancox, Belleville
Nutley, The Residence of Thomas W. Satterthwaite, Belleville
Residence of Wynant Van Zandt, Belleville
Residence of J. W. Stitt, Franklin
Residence of E. H. Davey, Bloomfield
Residence of A. T. Morris, Bloomfield